With a highly motivating organizational environment, passion will always be our drive and the sky will remain our limit.

Hand in hand with every program at Embrace, we will make sure that all barriers are broken and that every person in Lebanon has proper access to mental health care.

As part of Embrace’s plan in pursuing wider scale support to the community, Embrace launched multiple media campaigns to raise more awareness about mental health in Lebanon and about Embrace’s different interventions and got featured on press and media locally and internationally.
 إمبرايس وحملة "احكونا سامعينكن": خطوة إضافية نحو الحياة
20 May, 2024 | Nidaa Al Watan
إمبرايس وحملة "احكونا سامعينكن": خطوة إضافية نحو الحياة
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