Delivering free Mental Health services across underserved regions in Lebanon through
the Mobile Mental Health Clinic (MMHC) and increasing Outreach & Access to Primary Health Care Centers.


In Lebanon, the challenges of mental health are significant. On average, one suicide is registered every 2.5 days, and 1 in 4 adults will experience a mental health problem requiring treatment. However, these numbers are likely underreported due to cultural and societal taboos surrounding mental health and no recent research studies assessing the prevalence of mental illness in Lebanon. The ongoing crises in Lebanon have exacerbated the risk factors for mental illness. Despite the increasing demand, the country’s health systems are ill-equipped to provide timely and quality mental health care, especially in underserved areas in Lebanon. Barriers like social stigma, costs, and limited awareness of mental health services hinder access to care.


Embrace's Mobile Mental Health Clinic seeks to address these challenges by providing essential mental health consultations and raising awareness across underserved regions in Lebanon. The mobile clinic, supported by mental health professionals and volunteers, will visit different communities throughout Lebanon. The mobile clinic will offer free psychiatric consultations, provide beneficiaries with necessary medications, and refer them to the closest Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs). The presence of the mobile unit aims to bridge gaps in accessing PHCCs with integrated mental health services and expand access to mental health care. The team will also engage in outreach and awareness activities to break down stigma and encourage help-seeking behaviors.

The project aims to achieve three main objectives:
  • Empower thousands of individuals in across Lebanon with information on mental health and the availability of services through outreach and awareness activities.
  • Provide psychiatric consultation to at least 756 individuals in the project locations, and refer them to PHCCs for follow-up care.
  • Cover the cost of psychiatric medications for beneficiaries in need through collaboration with PHCCs and YMCA.
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