Mental Health in the Workplace

Embrace has established a cross-functional team of subject matter experts in psychology, psychiatry, nurses, and trained laypersons, to deliver the ABC of mental health – Awareness, Behavioral Interventions and Capacity Building.

Through the ABCs of Mental Health Program, Embrace has a track record in providing organizations with holistic mental health solutions across the “continuum of care” – ranging from organizational assessment of well-being, to raising awareness about mental health, to providing group and individual prevention and intervention sessions. The ABC of Mental Health Program has the human resources and scalability to provide these solutions to large-scale organizations.
Our sessions also target organization’s staff members and leadership teams and discuss topics such as mental health 101, burnout in the workplace, behavioral prevention through mindfulness, group CBT and EMDR, suicide assessment and intervention and many other topics.

To know more about Embrace’s ABCs of Mental Health, click here.
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