Embrace Mental Health Center (EMHC)

As a response to the devastating Beirut explosion that occurred on August 4, 2020, and in line with Embrace’s mission to make mental health care accessible, the Embrace Mental Health Center (EMHC) provides direct, affordable, and quality mental health care to persons experiencing a mental illness in Lebanon. The mental health clinic at EMHC uses a person-centered, community-based, multidisciplinary model, to provide evidence-based mental health services for its beneficiaries.
It employs a multi-disciplinary team of mental health specialists who tend to the psychological, medical, and social aspects of the beneficiaries concerned, and therefore understand, assess and treat the beneficiaries holistically within their context, using approaches that have shown scientific evidence of efficacy.
    Mental Health Clinic
    The Mental Health Clinic consists of an experienced team of mental health professionals who offer quality mental health services to children and adults, without any barriers.
    The types of services offered are:
    • Psychotherapy using cognitive-behavioral therapy, family-systems, and brief psychodynamic approaches.
    • Psychiatric consultations where medical doctors assess, counsel, and prescribe medical treatments.
    • Group therapy sessions where professionals help several people.
    • Psychosocial consultations to connect people with services in the community, and access free medications, and other services such as shelter and protection from harm.
    The clinic welcomes anyone who may be depressed, moody, anxious, or has gone through trauma or grief, relationship/family problems, along with other concerns.

    The clinic offers fully funded services; you don't have to pay any fee but are welcome to donate a small amount per session if you can.


EMHC’s consists of licensed psychologists and psychiatrists, trained locally and internationally, and psychologists undergoing supervised training as part of our university-affiliated training program in Clinical Psychology.
  • Dr. Yara Chamoun, Psychiatrist- head of Staff
  • Dr. Myriam Zarzour,Psychiatrist - Head of Clinical Excellence
  • Dr. Ghena Ismail , Director of Clinical Training Program
  • Marianne Eid, Clinical Psychologist
  • Joelle Jaber, Clinical Psychologist
  • Layal Hamze, Clinic Coordinator- Senior Social Worker
  • Milena Bou Mansour, Psychiatrist Nurse
  • Jana Taleb, Clinic Assistant

You can reach out to EMHC’s team on clinic@embracelebanon.org or
0096181003870 / 009611346226.

Clinical Training Program

The EMHC hosts a Clinical Training Program in collaboration with a number of universities in Lebanon, whereby the center also serves as a training site for psychologists who want to engage in rigorous training in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. This endeavor meets the mission of providing mental health services to the community while building capacity for future generations of mental health professionals.

Program Goals

The overall goal of the Clinical Training Program at EMHC is to train competent, ethical, and reflective psychologists and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and behavioral competencies fundamental to the practice of professional psychology. The program provides graduate psychology trainees with extensive field experience under direct on-site supervision and intensive didactic training.

Program Structure

The program is modeled after a number of guidelines published by the American Psychological Association (APA) and adapted to the local resources and capacities. It aims to meet and exceed the minimum training requirements set by the Lebanese Law 8, regarding hours of observation and training for psychologists seeking licensure in Lebanon.

Duration of the program: 11 months, from September 1 to July 30.
Modality: On-site (and partially online) for approximately 13 to 16 hours weekly

For detailed information about our Clinical Training Program, click here.

  • Embrace Mental Health Center Impact

    The EMHC aims to ensure equitable access to quality mental health care and continuously engages in quality assurance measures to assure beneficiary satisfaction and tracking and monitoring of beneficiary progress and symptom improvement.
    EMHC Impact Report
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