Embrace’s research hub and CEDARS (Capturing and Expanding Data Analytics and Research on Suicide) department is comprised of dedicated researchers in the field of mental health. The hub aims to push out research and insight on mental health needs in Lebanon and to advocate for evidence-based policies that will improve the lives of person with mental illness in Lebanon.
Through a deep dive into the reported individual and social factors that contribute to mental illness, suicidal behavior, and distress, and by identifying the way in which persons seeing mental health services can feel better, Embrace can inform policy makers and contributed meaningfully to worldwide research and practice.

The Research Team

The research team includes a group of researchers dedicated to creating an academic home for the Mental Health.
  • Dr. Zeina Akiki, Manager
  • Yara El Haber, Research & Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

You can reach out to the research team at research@embracelebanon.org.
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