The Awareness & Outreach Department at Embrace offers numerous mental health awareness sessions targeting a wide and diverse audience across different areas in Lebanon. The content is designed to inform children, adolescents and adults about mental well-being while also breaking down misconceptions around mental health. These free awareness and behavioral interventions are offered to schools, universities, municipalities, marginalized communities, youth groups and student led initiatives across Lebanon.
Our Objectives:
  • Increasing knowledge about mental health and mental illnesses
  • Reducing stigma and misinformation about mental health
  • Normalizing the conversation about mental health and suicide
  • Removing barriers to treatment
  • Equipping individuals with skills allowing them to help themselves and others
  • Enhancing early detection and prevention of mental illness
  • Orienting individuals to mental health services
    We provide:
    • Face to face awareness sessions
    • Online awareness sessions
    • Information booths
Mental Health 101 is a 90-minute interactive awareness session that provides general information about mental health and mental illnesses. This session explores how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, how to access mental health services, the basics of active listening, and tips for self-care. These sessions are conducted by Community Outreach Volunteers who are equipped with skills related to psychological wellbeing and mental health literacy. The content and activities included in the session are adapted to the age of the participants.

Information Booths are provided to the public in community events such as festivals, fairs, markets and conferences. This booth allows participants to connect with Embrace, to learn about our different services, and to increase their knowledge about mental health through various games and activities. Brochures, stickers, bracelets and banners are provided by Embrace.
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