Since 2013, Embrace has constantly aspired to fulfill its mission to create impact in a country where mental health has long been overlooked.

Since its inception, Embrace has worked to achieve its mission through raising awareness in the community on mental health, and creating grassroots channels which advocate for and support the rights of persons with lived experience with mental illness.

Embrace is continuously working to build capacity among community members and future mental health professionals to improve the field of mental health in Lebanon through research and delivery of services, and provide direct support to persons affected by ill mental health and risk of suicide.
Embrace has articulated 7 key priority areas it is working towards:
  • Priority Area 1
    Priority Area 1
    Getting Lebanon To Talk About Mental Health
  • Priority Area 2
    Priority Area 2
    Building a Vocal and Supportive Community
  • Priority Area 3
    Priority Area 3
    Saving Lives
  • Priority Area 4
    Priority Area 4
    Building Lebanon's Mental Health Capacity
  • Priority Area 5
    Priority Area 5
    Capturing and Expanding Data Analytics and Research on Suicide (CEDARS)
  • Priority Area 6
    Priority Area 6
    Making Health Care Accessible
  • Priority Area 7
    Priority Area 7
    Bringing Mental Health to the Education System
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